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Search tips

You can use the two well known symbol for search: + and " .

If you put + between two keywords you will be see all the items with both words. For example if you want to find the recordings of Mahler conducted by Bruno Walter, enter: mahler + walter. You can combine this way two artists or artist and label, etc.

If you put a phrase into quotes ", the search will be done for the whole combination. This is very useful for searching a group, like "Quartetto Italiano". Please remember that the 2 part names should be entered also by this way. For searching Fischer-Dieskau, please enter "Fischer-Dieskau".

Use the last name for composers and performers.

Omit leading articles for group names and titles (e.g. "Philadelphia Orchestra" instead of "The Philadelphia Orchestra")

You can find many abbreviations in the Mikrokosmos lists. You can use these ABBREVIATIONS as well, but the whole word also works (Sym+Symphony).

Entering musical terms please use the English ones (e.g. Symphony, Sonata,etc), for tittles please enter the original ones and for longer title try the most usual word in it. (Figaro at Le nozze di Figaro or just Meistersinger at Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg).

You can enter any names or tittles with accent marks, but the search engine will convert it into without accent form (Furtwängler will be searched and found as Furtwangler)

The search engine is case-insensitive. It means that entering Mahler and mahler and mAHLER are all equivalent.